About Me

I love what I do; and I eat drink and breathe my passion for supporting more people in finding their own freedom and peace in their life.I believe that all people deserve to be happy, you too!!!

I was born and raised in Israel.Three years ago I followed my husbands’ desire to move to Australia. My husband, my son and I started our new life here.

I started my personal journey 12 years ago. During this journey I had a lot of challenges and along the way I found a lot of gifts. One of the amazing gifts that I found was The Work.

The immigration to a new country was a journey for me too.  I love my life here and find a new meaning for being here – Spread The Work here to many people as I can. I found my destiny. Nothing gives me more pleasure than doing it.

I have PhD in Counselling and worked as a counsellor using Gestalt therapy, cognitive therapy, Voice Movement Therapy, Reiki and more.

Today, I’m facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie. I graduate of the nine day school of The Work, staff school of The Work, and in the certification program of Byron Katie International (BKI).
Because of my deep gratitude to The Work I have the urge to share it with as many people as I can.

It’s an honour for me when people invite me to support them in their journey. I would be greatly privileged to support you in your journey of finding your own truth and your own peace and love.

I look forward to meeting you.

With love,